I knew someone else would say it better

As usual, I am behind with reading the newspaper. I finally caught up with mediaguardian’s law special today. Alexander Ross of Wiggin writes that ‘copyright is under attack’. He draws out, better than I did yesterday, the conflict between the desire of much of the web using population who are happy to upload material for free, and ‘creative businesses’ who want an internet where ‘distribution is controlled and monetised’. What heartens me about the feature is that, Wiggin’s survey of 1600 consumers shows people rating reading books only second after HDTV as favourite activities in the next 6 months.

Incidentally, I like the quote in the article from Mark Cranwell of video-on-demand service Babelgum, “A three minute pop song deserves the same protection as a new car. Just because you can hotwire it doean’t mean you have a right to drive it off the lot.”

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