Autoresponse Plus: Using an Autoresponder to increase interaction

Autoresponse Plus: Using an Autoresponder to increase interaction

I was looking for a way to increase the interactivity of when a colleague recommended Autoresponse Plus.
When designed, my website was basically a showcase for the Family Friendly Working book. Most people would visit once and use some of the links and resources, but there was no way to interact with visitors and build a relationship with them.
I found out more about the autoresponder, and saw it could meet the needs of the visitors and also help them to build trust in the information I was providing.
Women visitng the site wanted ideas for family friendly work, so I created a short e-course to run over a month giving them a range of different suggestions in each email. The Autoresponse Plus software made it easy to automate the sign up and delivery of the course. Since then, instead of knowing that people were visiting the site but nothing more, I am getting several aign ups every day. The emails are a chance to tell want-to-be business parents about my other services too: I can include links to and I’m working on a new site, which will tie in to another e-course and eventually a book for those who do want to run their own business.
I’m really pleased with the results so far from the autoresponder programme. Click here to find out if it could help you too.

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