Creating a media pack when starting your own magazine

More and more people are starting a local magazine. It can be a great way to earn a good income, with flexible hours. You may also be attracted to the idea of creating editorial content for a magazine. However, the most important skill for anyone thinking of setting up a magazine business is to be able to sell advertising. This will determine whether you can create a successful profit making business or not. One of the tools which will help you inform advertisers about the benefits and costs of advertising in your magazine is a Media Pack. Read on for a quick guide to what a media pack should contain.

  1. Benefits: The most important section. Tell potential advertisers why they should advertise in your magazine, and how it can help them to reach potential customers, particularly those that they can not reach in any other way.
  2. About the magazine: a little background and factual information for those who are unfamiliar with the publication.
  3. Distribution. Tell the advertiser about your print run and readership figures, where and how the magazine is distributed, and the socioeconomic demgraphics of the readers.
  4. Editorial Content. Explain about the articles and news that will ensure readers value the magazine.
  5. A quote from existing happy advertiser(s), once you have them.
  6. Page rates, rates for advertorial features, classifieds, advert design and website advertising, as appropriate.
  7. Publication dates and copy deadlines for a year ahead.
  8. Technical requirements for the advertisements: you will need to clear these with your designer.

You will want to illustrate the media pack with some attractive cover images, and possibly examples of the layout of insides pages. In total, a media pack should be in the region of 350 to 500 words. If you need help creating a media pack, get in touch and I can let you know about the benefits of a professionally written pack.

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