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Reviews are starting to come in for Special Educational Needs: A Parent’s Guide. This one is from TotztoTeens
Special Eductional Needs: A Parents Guide by Antonia Chitty & Victoria Dawson
ISBN: 978-1-86144-057-0 £8.99

As many as one in five children may at some time need extra help with their education, but does this mean they have Special Educational Needs?
Using expert advice and the latest information, this book brings together the facts on Special Educational Needs, looking in detail at the different types of additional needs and how parents and carers can cope with it in daily life.

Find out which professionals can help, how to get through the ‘system’ and gain support, how to handle behavioural difficulties at home and school, and how to get the best education for your child’s needs.

Whether you are worried about your child’s development or work with children and want to know more about the subject, this book will guide you through helping a child with special educational needs.

Totz2teens Member Review: Wondering if your child has special educational needs is a complicated and difficult time for any parents. Reading this book was very helpful. It is clearly written and explains some of the different difficulties that children could be facing. Even eyesight problems are covered within this book. The way the book is written is so helpful as it is easy to understand and to pick it up as necessary. Totally a useful book and happy to recommend it.

Totz2teens Member Rating: 5/5

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