Saying ‘No’ to Ad Sales

Do you find yourself signing up to advertise in a publication just because the ad salesperson called you? This can be a waste of money and means that you are advertising because they asked you, rather than because their publication reaches your target audience.
Be prepared so you can say no to all their sales techniques next time. Think about how much you spent on advertising last year, and the budget you have for this year. Look at the publications you would really like to be in, and contact them for a media pack which has their ad prices. The media pack will aslo tell you what sort of people read the magazine. Remember that you may be able to negotiate as much as 50 per cent off the list price, and decide how you will spread your ad budget over the media that you want to be seen in.
Then, when the ad salesperson calls you can say calmly and confidently that your ad budget is already allocated for this year. If they won’t take that for an answer, hang up.

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