Stuck on SEO?

I’ve been using a site called Website Grader in the last few days. It will appeal to you if you know a few things about SEO but are unsure what to do next to improve your site rating. Website Grader looks at everything from your tags to your sites listings on directories, and makes suggestions about blogs and contact forms. It has helped me pick up a few things that were wrong on my site and hopefully improve the way is picked up on search engines. I’m also using it for, where I have started a new blog about flexible work and mumpreneurs. Hope you find it useful too.

One thought on “Stuck on SEO?

  1. nadams81

    I definetly think that SEO and Internet marketing is a great tool for moms to take advantage of this day and age. Hell, Im thinking about staying home as a dad just so I can work on the internet. The world of marketing in general is in such an uproar with the traditional in your face media that is being intensely challenged by the social media craze as well as the wild wild west world of SEO development out there. Its great…IT guys and Marketibng Professionals are now the same people and the internet is no longer just a place for information but rather the most interesting and niche marketed content out there. Keep on going, Id love to see the woman of the world get out there and kick some butt on the intenet marketing world. Afterall, the large majority of captive audiences on the web are in fact woman so that should just tell you the power you guys have.



    If you have any tips or tricks you might wnat to share let me know. I am a aspiring internet marketer myself who works for someone he hates but with todays market I can’t quite make it out there on my own. If you have any helpful hints, I know Im not a mom but I would love to hear from you anyways. any suggestions you could give on my site would be great too


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