Contribute to a New Book on Pregnancy

Hollie Smith is looking for parents who are happy to share brief comments, tips and anecdotes via email for a pregnancy book, to provide real-life perspective on subjects such as stretchmarks, scans, and swollen ankles.

If you’re pregnant, or you’ve had a baby recently, she would love to hear from you. She says, “How it will work is this: I will compile a big email group, and send out fairly regular (but not an inundation, I promise) emails, posing questions such as, ‘How big did your boobs get?’ and ‘When did you first feel it kick?’ etc.

“You can answer as many or as few questions as you like, in as many or as few words as you like. (This being the gritty subject it is, some might be a bit personal. However, there is absolutely no obligation to reply to any of them. And comments will be attributed fairly anonymously, ie, to ‘Dawn from Dagenham’, although, if you have an unusual name, you’d be welcome to go undercover!)

Please don’t be put off making contact if you’re not really one for words yourself, or your spelling leaves a lot to be desired. I’d simply be delighted to hear from anyone with a point of view, however it’s put. (Besides, I’m pretty darn good at copy editing!)

Did I mention there is no actual fee or any other sort of reward for this, other than, perhaps, the rosy glow that wisdom-sharing brings, and the thrill of your words recorded in black and white for posterity. (Ok, I appreciate your experience of piles isn’t necessarily something you want to remember. But think how grateful someone else might be to read about it…)”

Please email if you’re interested – or tell your friends!

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