Mums learn to promote their businesses

A Guide to promoting Your Business

Antonia Chitty struggled with post natal depression after the birth of her daughter. She thought returning to work might make her feel back in control, but she found she didn’t see enough of Daisy. After 9 months and a chat with a life coach she took the plunge and set up her own business, ACPR, helping mumpreneurs learn to promote their business. Antonia has now written a book which makes it even easier for every businessmum to get the word out about their enterprise.

A guide to Promoting Your Business is created with busy business parents in mind, and can be worked through in short sections when you have a few minutes – perfect if you are running a business round the kids. Clear explanations, examples and exercises make it easy to pick up the essentials skills to boost your business.

Lizzie Vann MBE, Founder of Organix Brands Ltd, says, “This workbook is an excellent and concise guide to help anyone who is starting up a new business – it gives some excellent advice, guidance and knowledge for new business owners and entrepreneurs.”

A guide to Promoting Your Business takes you step by step through working out what is unique and special about your business, and helps you learn about writing and sending your own press releases. Packed with low cost techniques for getting your business noticed, just follow the steps in the book to reach more customers.
“This book has helped me make more sense of the PR jungle than ever before,” says Bex Smith, an experienced business-mum and reflexologist,

There is a website,, to accompany the book, with lots of free resources and essential links. Visit the site to download a template to help you plan your business promotion, a template for writing your own press releases, and more. You can also see extracts from the workbook, and submit your own suggestions for useful resources. And offers more useful business advice from Antonia, plus a free e-course for mums wanting to start a business.

The book is available from,, and can be ordered from any bookshop if you quote ISBN 978-0955534508

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