www.smallbusinessadvice.tv: New site to give your business the edge

New research shows that after the initial enthusiasm for Dragon’s Den and The Apprentice, the small business community is disappointed with business TV programmes. As a result, the BCC has collaborated with Dell to create www.smallbusinessadvice.tv, a specialist online TV resource for expert commentary and advice to give small businesses the edge.

A quarter of respondents felt existing TV programmes dumbed down the public’s perception of real business people[1] and 27 percent also thought that these programmes didn’t help viewers deal with real business situations[2]. Seventy-four percent of respondents went on to say that they would be interested in more relevant specialist business programming for small businesses on the Internet for live viewing or download[3].

Sponsored by Dell and Intel, www.smallbusinessadvice.tv is geared for small business owners and managers looking for expert advice on a wide range of topics to help make their businesses a success.

Hosted by Sean Walsh, former CNBC anchor and senior producer of BBC TV News, the first episode will air on 28 November at 1:00pm. It will feature insights from John Dunsmure, Managing Director, British Chambers of Commerce, on how business owners can manage their way out of the financial crisis. It will also include case studies of successful SMBs that have thrived under tough conditions, as well as practical steps owners can take to ensure their business has a strong financial base.

The show will be broadcast live at www.smallbusinessadvice.tv and available to download and watch in full any time following this.

The second episode on 4 December at 1:00pm will feature an exclusive interview with Michael Dell, founder, Chairman and CEO of Dell. Future programmes will explore the value of social networking for small business, steps that can be taken to reduce energy costs and reduce environmental impact, and how to overcome the challenges of starting and growing a business.

John Dunsmure said, “I meet with businesses every day and have often heard criticism about the usefulness of a great deal of current business programming.” Dunsmure continued, “www.smallbusinessadvice.tv is designed to plug this gap for targeted and highly practical content. Importantly, it is accessible – available to watch live from your work computer or indeed at any time you want by download. You don’t have to be in front of your TV. You can even directly interact live with the people we interview.

“We worked with Dell, a recognized leader in digital media and social networking, to create the project with support from Intel,” he added.

Visitors to the site will also be able to access short downloadable videos containing ‘how to’ tips on subjects that small businesses have flagged as trouble spots. These will be interactive, enabling users to click directly on the video for more information about specific products and services featured. Those who prefer to learn through others’ experience will be able to access business case studies illustrating how successful companies have overcome the various business issues they have faced.

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