Book Review: You’re On! How to develop great media skills for TV, radio and the internet

You're On!If you are trying to improve your business profile on TV or Radio, you may want some help to improve your interview technique and give you confidence. I read this book from the point of view of someone who is asked for interviews and to provide expert comments. I’ve also been on several media training courses – the slightly more expensive way to work on your TV interview skills. For people like me, Chapter 9 on Being Interviewed was very much the most relevant. It breaks down the skills needed to be interviewed in a logical way, and gives you straightforward tips too prepare for any interview. Simple things like asking if the interview will be broadcast live or whether it is pre-recorded can affect how you perform.

Beyond that chapter, the book is more aimed at those who want to learn to be a TV or radio presenter. There is still a lot that anyone who simply wants to promote their own business can benefit from. Depending on your weaknesses, you can work on your vocal techniques, your interaction with your audience, and the material you are presenting.

The author, Alec Sabin, is an actor who now offers voice and presentation training. You’re On! is published by How To Books Ltd and is available at £9.99 in major bookshops and online retailers across the country. To see more about the book’s contents, click here. ISBN 978-1- 84528-255-4

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