Book Review: The Marketing Toolkit by Jeff Della Mura

Do you understand what marketing really is all about? Do you think you could be marketing your business better – but are unsure what to do? The Marketing Toolkit could be what you need.

I’m very impressed by Jeff Della Mura’s new book, The Marketing Toolkit. Ideal if you don’t have a marketing background, it is written in small bite sized chunks. You can learn about 50 different marketing ideas that are directly applicable to your business. I think the main danger of this book might actually be trying to read it too quickly: far better to read one short section each week, then try to put the new ideas into practice in your business.

On the cover the book is described as ‘a veritable Swiss Army knife of useful information’. It provides guidance on doing marketing yourself, as well as hiring freelancers and consultants. Della Mura does, unfortunately, report some statistics without looking at where they come from closely enough: it is unsurprising that the US Digital Printing Council survey reported that full colour mailings, customised with customers names, increase response rates. And if, say, you need to know more about website design, the 3 page section can only serve as an introduction. Overall, however, this is a great way to learn more about marketing your business, especially as The Marketing Toolkit is currently only £5.99 on Amazon. Add it to your business bookshelf – and remember to look at it each week, to see how you can improve your business marketing.

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