Where have the last few weeks gone?

Kit at 5 weeks
Kit at 5 weeks

It is the Easter holidays and I don’t have a minute to call my own, let alone to write! We had out lovely baby sitter in this morning to help: the kids’ bedroom now has floorspace, and they got to decorate gingerbread people which Grannie has left for them – thanks Grannie!

Kit is now 5 weeks old. He is being pretty good – eating well, outgrowing his 0-3m clothes, and sleeping most of the night. Key to a good night for us is co-sleeping – he rarely cries in the night.

2 thoughts on “Where have the last few weeks gone?

  1. Sandra

    I LOVE your last statement! You are absolutely correct – the family bed is amazing, loving, and contributes to great sleep for everyone. I wish more would understand that – we would read a lot less blogs about troubles, eh?

    Congratulations, he’s gorgeous!

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