Book Review: The Ultimate Mumpreneur’s Guide to Online Business Success

Do you hope to start an online business? If you’re one of the many potential mumpreneurs around at the moment, Mel McGee’s book, The Ultimate Mumpreneur’s Guide to Online Business Success, is a good buy.

Mel McGee is a NLP master and offers business coaching through She has used her coaching experience to write this motivating book, which is packed with handy lists and tools to help you examine your motivation and develop a business.

I liked ideas like the ‘7 Steps to Mumpreneur Success’. The book has lots of handy hints, Supermummy tips, and little cartoons to help you focus and refine your ideas. One essential idea that Mel McGee gets spot on is about how to decide on what your business will offer. It is all too easy to decide what you would like to sell, without looking at whether this is what people want to buy. Mel suggests identifying your ‘hot’ target market, and looking at the products and services that will address their biggest concerns. The next key tip is about tasking a good hard look at your potential idea and seeing if there is money in it.

The first part of the book will work whatever type of business you want to create, but Mel goes more in depth for mums wanting to get involved in online marketing, and in particular information marketing. An online business is ideal for mums and dads because it can run from home at times of day to suit you. Getting your online marketing right is essential, and Mel guides you through the use of incentives to collect contact details and turn them into paying customers.

Watch out for a competition to win copies of this book next month.

£15, available from Amazon. 188 Pages. ISBN-13: 978-1905430512 or download from Bookshaker.

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