Special Offer if you want to Write for a Living

How to earn a living as a business writerIf you’ve dreamt of earning your living from writing my new book, Commercial Writing: How to Earn a Living as a Business Writer is the perfect book for you. It combines my knowledge and experience with those of many other busy professionals working in journalism, advertising, marketing, PR and other disciplines. I’ve interviewed them to find the secrets behind making a living from writing.

To coincide with the launch this week I’ve got profiles of people who have changed career to become writers and advice from professional writers on Family Friendly Working. Keep checking the blog, whether you want to become a writer of romantic novels or would like to know about writing good copy for websites.
Buy Commercial Writing: How to Earn a Living as a Business Writer TODAY and I’ve got a special bonus for you.

Just email your Amazon receipt to commercialwriting@acpr.co.uk by midnight on the 31st of July and I’ll send you ‘Writing for a Living: 7 Steps to Your Writing Business’. This has additional tips and a straightforward guide to get YOU started with your own writing business.

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