If you plan to launch a New Business in the New Year, You have Just 10 Weeks Left …

A guide to Promoting Your BusinessThat’s just 10 weeks to put in place your plans and actions to create a great customer base to ensure your business’s success.

If that sounds like a tall order, don’t panic. There are lots of low cost, straightforward ways to promote your business. And I’ve brought them together for you in an easy-to-follow work book.

A Guide to Promoting Your Business is designed for the business owner who wants to reach more and more customers by promoting their business for just a few minutes each day.

It is packed with practical exercises that actually help you promote your business. And everything in the book has been tried and tested in my own business and my client’s businesses.

So, if you’d love more PR coverage in 2010 but are unsure how to get it, A Guide to Promoting Your Business will make it clear.

If you want to raise your business’s online profile in 2010, A Guide to Promoting Your Business demystifies online promotion.

And if you want to get to grips with affordable marketing ideas, A Guide to Promoting Your Business is the book you need.

At just £15 it could be the first step to business success in 2010.

Click here to Buy A Guide to Promoting Your Business: The Ultimate Workbook for Business Owners


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