Press Release: Businesswoman Reaches the Final of the Women on Their Way Awards

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Businesswoman Reaches the Final of the Women on Their Way Awards

Entrepreneur Antonia Chitty has made it into the final three for the ‘Women on Their Way’ awards in the Women’s Advocate Category. The Bexhill-based entrepreneur and author started her PR training business eight years ago. Since then, Antonia’s business has grown and offers training in practical and low cost promotion techniques for business owners. Antonia Chitty says, “It is thrilling to have reached the final and I’m looking forward to the event in March.”

The Women on Their Way Awards, now in their second year, are the brainchild of entrepreneurial duo Lisa Ibbotson and Jo Cameron, a former ‘Apprentice’. They explain, “Women owned businesses are growing rapidly and so is women’s individual wealth. Sometimes progress feels slow but it’s the momentum of the women at the top that paves the way for the careers of others. In this new world of work, women jump through hoops every day to get to where they want to be. They break down barriers and overcome challenges to get to the top in some very difficult circumstances. They keep going when it all gets tough. They have energy when others give up. They don’t always see their achievements and they don’t always recognise their success. The young women coming up behind us need more role models. This is why we created The WOW Awards; for recognising those women on the move, those who mobilise others and those who create change when it all feels too hard. All together, it’s about celebrating and recognising the energy that women bring into work and their resolve to make a difference.”

The Awards in 2010 will be held at the fabulous newly refurbished Holte Suite at Aston Villa Football Club on March 19th 2010.

Antonia will be running a training session on online promotion, press releases and promotion planning for the South East Women’s Business Service in Newhaven on March 3rd 2010. To find out about the event call 0845 600 9 006.

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Contact details:

Antonia Chitty, T: 01424 810 272 M: 07900 580 668 E:

Notes to Editors:

  1. Antonia Chitty has run her own PR business since the birth of her daughter in 2002. She took advantage of being on maternity leave with her son in 2006 to write her first book, and now combines writing and PR. Follow this link for a hi res image of Antonia
  2. Antonia also runs Family Friendly Working, a campaigning organization with a website packed with ideas for anyone who wants a flexible way to work.
  3. She is author of ten books including The Mumpreneur Guide, a practical workbook for any woman who wants to start a business that fits in with the family:
  • A Guide to Promoting Your Business, ACPR
  • Family Friendly Working, White Ladder Press
  • What to Do When Your Child Hates School, White Ladder Press
  • Special Educational Needs: A Parent’s Guides for Need2Know books,
  • Commercial Writing: How to Earn a Living as a Business Writer, Hale Publishing,
  • Insomnia: the Essential Guide, Need2Know
  • Special Needs Child: Maintaining Your Relationship, White Ladder Press
  • The Mumpreneur Guide, ACPR
  • Down’s Syndrome: The Essential Guide Need2Know June 2010
  • Sight Loss: The Essential Guide, Need2Know December 2010.
  1. Antonia offers training and coaching for women developing their own business through
  2. She is mum to Daisy, 8, Jay, 4 and Kit, 1.

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