6 Tips to help you Start or Grow Your Blog

I love blogging and it has made an enormous difference to my business. It has allowed me to reach far more mums interested in flexible work, self employment and running a business. I know, though, that not everyone finds blogging easy and want to share some tips for blogging success.

  1. If you want to blog but are unsure where to start, try Erica Douglas’s Mum Blogger eBook. The first of its kind it takes you step by step through creating a fabulous blog.
  2. Slot in time each week to blog rather than waiting until you feel like it.
  3. Spend an evening brainstorming everything you might blog about so you can start writing as soon as you sit down.
  4. Try allocating different types of post to different days – a ‘photo-post’ day, a competition day, a product review day etc.
  5. If you have a blog but aren’t getting the comments and visitors that you’d like, the Mum Blogger eBook really comes into its own. It shows you hundreds of ideas for attracting readers and making your posts into ones that get comments.
  6. If you can’t face blogging, let me and my team of writers blog for you! I can usually double the number of targeted visitors to a site by providing keyword-rich content.

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