Children with Special Needs and Food – Your Help Needed

Eating and Special Needs

Children with special needs may have accompanying issues with food and eating.  Antonia Chitty and Victoria Dawson are currently researching this area in order to produce a book for parents to guide them through issues around eating.  As part of the research they are keen to hear from parents who have had difficulties with their child’s eating.  The aim of this book is to provide parents with practical support, warn them of avoidable problems and offer emotional support at what can be a difficult time.  Your co-operation in completing this questionnaire would be very much appreciated. Please email your answers to antonia @

About Your Child

  • Does your child have a diagnosis?


  • What exactly are their eating issues?


  • When did the eating issues first begin?


  • How are the eating issues managed?


  • How has the eating issue affected their lives eg school, social life etc?


  • How has the eating issue impacted on your life as a parent?


  • Do they have any food allergies if so how do you manage this?

Professional Help

  • Which professionals have been involved in your child’s case?
  • Have you had enough support?


Practical Tips for other parents

  • How did you find out information about eating issues?
  • Were you ever in denial about your child’s needs?  If so can you explain how this felt and what made things change?
  • What tips can you pass on to help other parents around managing eating issues?
  • What do you wish you’d known about eating issues that you know now?

If you wish to fill this in anonymously then you do not need to complete the details below.  If however you would like us to keep in touch with you and you do not mind us contacting you for further information, please provide your contact details






We would like to use your comments in the book. All responses will be anonymous and names will be changed.  Any information that you provide that is printed will be checked with you first for accuracy via email.  Please indicate below if we can use your comments and experiences to help other parents:


Yes, you may use my comments anonymously

No, I don’t want to be quoted.

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