Useful courses to help you make a living as a writer

commercial writingI just got sent details of a couple of courses that look like they would be good for anyone who wants to make a living as a writer.

Ideas Into Words

Saturday 9 February | 11am – 4.30pm | Jerwood Space, 171 Union Street, London, SE1 0LN | £60/£45 concessions

Sitting down to write isn’t always as easy as it sounds, but establishing discipline into that most creative of pursuits – writing – is almost as important as having good ideas in the first place. Here’s your chance to learn how to write when your brain is at its best; how to set deadlines that you’ll respect; and how to keep going when that initial burst of inspiration has long since disappeared. Over the course of the day you’ll have plenty of opportunities to try out your new skills and start getting those good ideas down on paper. A great workshop for anyone seeking perspective on their process, and suitable for writers of all forms. TO BOOK CLICK HERE.

Making a Living as a Writer

Tuesday 9 April | 1pm – 6pm (with a Writing Room available until 8pm) | Free Word Centre , 60 Farringdon Road, London, EC1R 3GA | £60 / £45 concessions

Shaun Levin and Gemma Seltzer help you to get creative in the ways you can generate income. This workshop is geared towards writers looking to increase their income from arts-based activities: residencies, workshops, exhibitions and more. By the end of the workshop, you will have a clearer idea of what kind of activities you can run and, more importantly, how to make them happen. Later in the day you will hear from writer Gemma Seltzer, who also works for Arts Council England (ACE), about what funding there is for writers in the present climate, and how to go about developing an idea that ACE may be interested in. And if by the end of the workshop you are feeling fired up and ready to go on a project idea, there will be the chance to join our Writers’ Room – a space that we have put aside for you to work quietly from 6pm until 8pm. CLICK HERE TO BOOK.

Source: Spread the Word, a great site for developing writers in London.

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