5 Event Ideas to Promote your Business

peopleEvents provide the perfect way to raise your business profile. You can meet your customer needs, generate some publicity and bring in money at the same time – what’s not to like? Here are 5 ideas to help you use events to meet your business goals:

  1. You could start by looking for speaking opportunities. This allows you to make the most of an event hosted and run by someone else. You can raise your profile and reach new people. Write a letter or email to event organisers outlining what you could speak about and how this will help their audience. Act well in advance of an event. Consider whether you need a fee, expenses, or are happy to speak simply for the publicity.
  2. Exhibitions and trade fairs are another good way to make the most of someone else’s event. If you offer business to business  services or products look for trade fairs, if you want to reach consumers search for relevant consumer exhibitions, fairs, festivals and fêtes  Highlight the event to your followers to support the event organiser’s publicity.
  3. Once you have taken part in other people’s events you may be inspired to run your own. Start with a seminar, workshop or other small group event. Consider what sort of training you could offer and who it could help. You’ll need to find a venue, consider catering if needed, plan your content, and get lots of publicity.
  4. Build up to running a conference. This can be a big task, and is best done with a team, but it is a great way to reach hundreds of people at once. Get more tips on making an event a success here.
  5. Whatever your event, make sure you plan promotion. An event is a great hook for a press release. Think several months in advance and work out which publications, programmes and sites might mention your event. Write a press release, and offer to do guest posts on you specialist topic, with a link to your event at the bottom.

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