Do you self sabotage?

Antonia ChittyIs there one thing that you’d really like to achieve, but that you keep putting off?

At the moment I have a good balance of work: a book to complete and some features to write. I also have the time to work on some writing that I have been putting off for ages. I really want to do it, yet today I found myself doing everything else first!

I’m the kind of person who likes to work in a fairly clean and tidy office, but it can be all to easy to spend all my time cleaning up rather than working. When I first started writing books I was very disciplined and wrote first, before switching to check my emails and get on with the rest of my work. With experience, it became easier to switch on to writing, so I got in the habit of checking my emails first. Now I think I might need to make the decision to work on my stalled writing project first thing in the morning before anything else, just so I get it done!

What sort of work do you put off completing? Here are some ideas to help you ‘get it done!’

  1. For some jobs the ‘do it first’ approach works. Complete the job you have been putting off first thing one morning and you’ll feel better for the rest of the day.
  2. For other jobs, it might be worth contracting the work out to someone else. This applies if you are delaying something because you don’t have the expertise.
  3. successlIf you are delaying because you simply lack confidence in your own abilities, here is something that has worked for me: self-bribery: I’ll buy a pack of my favourite biscuits and sit them in front of me. I can only open the pack once the job is done! On a deeper level, write down some of the good things that will happen once you have done the job: you’ll feel more confident, and there may be business or personal benefits too. Remind yourself of these as you work through the task.
  4. Finally, you may need some accountability. I’ve been working with a fab group of writers this year. We’re all trying to improve our writing together which is really motivating. We also have word count targets, prompts and challenges which help me get things done. Who could help you achieve your own goal?

If you want to work with someone on your business or personal goals, do get in touch with me about mentoring.

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