Are Your Employees Believers Of Your Brand?

When it comes to your business, it is great to having everyone fully on board. Every employee is an important cog in the organisation, whether they are an intern or a senior manager. The sad reality is that small problems can manifest into bigger ones, which could potentially be damaging for your company’s reputation. That is why keeping your workforce at one with each other, and the company itself, it highly important for your current and future success.

So if you want to ensure that your employees are true believers, followers, and endorsers of your brand, here is what you can do:

Offer discounts and deals

If you sell a service or product to customers, could you offer the same things to your staff for a reduced price? It is common for supermarkets and shops to give their employees cards for 15 per cent discount, or even more during sale periods; you could use the same idea for the place you work. Whether it is insurance products or plumbing services, your staff will surely find your discounts helpful at one point or another.

Run team building workshops

A good way to get everyone reading from the same hymn sheet is to organise a brilliant team building workshop. There are so many places where you could all go to step outside of your comfort zone. There are high ropes courses that will encourage employees to support each other, and there are boot camp days that will get teams working together to become the champions of the company. The idea of these days is that everyone lets their hair down a bit, whilst still being inspired to perform better as a team.

Give them access to social media accounts

Are there certain employees who have brilliant insights into the work you do? Perhaps you could reward them by giving them access to social media accounts. It could be their responsibility to keep these accounts (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) up to date with snippets of information about your business and what you are working on at the moment. Not only will your staff feel more involved, but you will be putting out a message of ‘togetherness’ to the rest of the world.

Hold special awards and recognitions

Deploying a brand engagement strategy for your employees can end up being quite rewarding for all involved, especially when hardworking team members get rewarded for their efforts. It could be a really nice gesture to hold an awards ceremony every quarter to highlight the employees who have made a really difference over the previous months. This should help people to work harder day-to-day, and will also make people feel like stars when they are picked for an award. However it is important to spread recognition across the whole team, rather than senior managers and this can often breed discontent. Ask key stakeholders in the business to keep an eye out for people who are going the extra mile to get things done, and then ask their team members why that person is invaluable to the company.

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