London Calling: Should You Move To The Capital For Your Career?

There are a lot of important decisions to make in life, and your career is a big one. Your initial choice can end up affecting what you do in five, 10 or even 30 years down the line. That is why plenty of thinking and planning can be essential; that way you can avoid making the wrong choice.

One major consideration to take into account is where you actually want your career to be based. It is possible to get certain jobs in small towns, but others will find bigger and better opportunities in the major cities. That is why London is so popular for jobseekers, and it could prove to be an ideal choice for you too. So what makes London worth thinking about?

Many industries

The biggest draw of London is the number of different industries that choose to operate from the capital, or at the very least have a local presence. There is everything from finance to retail, so there really is something for everyone. You only need to look on to see opportunities from retail recruitment agencies in London; there are so many choices even within one sector! It is a common sight on these websites to see most of the opportunities listed as taking place in London, so by moving there you could have a better chance of getting the type of job you want. This time next year you could be working in one of the amazing skyscrapers that makes the skyline so unique in the capital.

Continued education

Once you have got settled into a job in the capital, you can still make use of the city for the benefit of your career. That is because London often plays host to certain exhibitions, conferences and seminars, which are all excellent places to attend to learn more about the changes in your field. You will become accustomed to visiting Earls Court and Olympia, and you will likely end up making some helpful business connections on your days out of the office.


Career aside, some people just want to head to London for the lifestyle, and the job is simply a bonus. It all comes down to personality and wanting to seek a different experience to the one they had growing up, so you may fall into this category. Teenagers in a small town may find they are bored most of the time, but a city can provide activities and entertainment seven days a week. There are more local fitness activities, theatres, bars and restaurants – which of course can seem a bit more appealing than a chippy down at the precinct.

Of course, with all of the opportunities there is something else to think about: the cost. You may find that jobs pay higher salaries in the capital, but living expenses will also be higher. Yet if this is something you are passionate about doing, you will find a way to make your finances work, but just be prepared to do a lot of planning before you take the plunge.

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