Insomnia: The Essential Guide

Insomnia – The Essential Guide

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According to BUPA’s healthcare website; 25% of people are thought to suffer from Insomnia at some point in their lives. This astonishing statistic shows just how many people are affected by this exhausting condition.

Insomnia can be very distressing, often leading to people under-performing at work and in their day-to-day activities, and having a range of physical and mental effects. Due out on 1st August, Insomnia – The Essential Guide is an informative book which provides practical and medical advice to help sufferers get their inner clock back on track.

The book covers all aspects of insomnia; answering “what is insomnia?” and explaining its causes. It offers friendly advice on where to go for medical help and the tests that are likely to be carried out. There are practical tips on how to make changes to your lifestyle and your bedroom, to help insomniacs get a better night’s sleep.

Written by Antonia Chitty and Victoria Dawson, this book aims to be a handy resource for all those looking for good, refreshing sleep. Antonia Chitty is freelance health writer , and Victoria Dawson is a trained sleep practitioner. They describe their work as a ‘practical guide full of information about Insomnia and is packed with simple, friendly tips to help you get a better night’s sleep.’

Having trouble sleeping can seriously effect the wellbeing of an individual and how they perform on a daily basis. Insomnia – The Essential Guide is a beneficial read for anyone wishing to help themselves or others overcome this tiring problem.

Published by Need2Know – the imprint of People’s Publisher Forward Press that focuses on overcoming real life problems – Insomnia – The Essential Guide is the twenty-fifth in the series and is available now from the Need2Know website ( or by calling 01733 898103 or emailing

Publication Date: 1st August 2009 (Pre-publication copies available now)

ISBN: 978-1-86144-070-9

Binding: Paperback

Price: £8.99

Dimensions: 205mm x 195mm



Notes for Editors:

  1. ‘Insomnia – The Essential Guide’ is priced at £8.99

For authors Antonia Chitty and Victoria Dawson, this is their second publication in the Need2Know series. Antonia Chitty is a freelance health writer and author of a number of parenting and business books. She trained as an optometrist and promoted eye health for RNIB before moving on to write health features for Which? magazine. Find out more at

Victoria Dawson has a specialist interest in sleep issues and is a trained sleep practitioner. She has written a national training package around sleep issues for Scope, the disability charity. Victoria has recently established and works with both adults and children to address sleep issues.

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  2. Need2Know is the imprint of People’s Publisher Forward Press that focuses on overcoming problems.
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