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The latest review of Special Educational Needs: A Parent’s Guide by Antonia Chitty and Victoria Dawson from the National Deaf Childrens’ Society, reads, “Whatever your situation, “Special Educational Needs: A Parent’s Guide” will help you through your child’s diagnosis and through the complex systems you might encounter.”

It continues, “If you are a parent or carer of a child with special educational needs you will know the feeling of uncertainty as to where to go for help. Or perhaps you are a teacher or other professional working with special educational needs children and would like to have clearer facts about the subject. This practical guide spells out clearly how to deal with the problems that special educational needs can present. For families at the end of their tether because of sleep deprivation, or worn down by battles to get the proper support at school for their special needs child, or who maybe facing the need to adapt their home, this guide is invaluable.”

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The book has also just been reviewed very favourably in Cerebra‘s newsletter.

“This is a very straightforward book with easy-to-follow information and advice for parents. The many areas covered include speech problems, family life, housing and finance.

“Each chapter explains the issues and provides tick box lists to help apply it to your own child’s situation. Photocopyable charts help to deal with issues such as behaviour.

“Every chapter is clear, to the point, and very helpful. An appendix lists charities, support groups and government help. A great resource.”

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The Dyspraxia Foundation newsletter’s review reads, “This book is part of a Need to Know handbook guide series designed to be an easy to use reference handbook for families. It provides an excellent starting point for any parent wanting more information when faced with the possibility that their child might have special educational needs.

“The layout and design is really friendly and easy to understand. I found the early part particularly helpful dealing with the difficulties children may face and where to go for advice on each special needs diagnosis. Positive practical advice on issues such as sleep deprivation, education and behavioural problems are included in the book. It also offers suggestions on subjects ranging from ‘who can help’ when faced with che hallenges of finding the best eduction for your child to ‘how to cope within the family’.”

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The book has just had a great review on Best Bear member Bea reviewed this book. She says,“My daughter has learning difficulties and is due to start school next year, so the timing of this book could not have been more perfect. I am just starting the statementing process for her, and this book has helped me understand more about the support that will be available at school and the what will be included in her statement.”

Bea continues, “I also really liked the checklists throughout the book which are useful for diagnosing specific problems and for writing notes/reports about her development. I also felt that there were lots of practical ideas and suggestions of things I can be doing at home to help my daughter. The book looks at a wide range of educational needs including autism, vision and hearing problems, dyslexia, dyspraxia and global developmental delay. It gives ideas of where you can go for additional help, support and information (12 pages of contacts at the back of the book!) together with details of how professionals such as Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists can help. I think this book would be worthwhile reading whether you just have some concerns about your child’s development or schooling, or whether you have a named diagnosis already. One to keep for future reference I think.”

Find out more about what Best Bear said about the book.

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