The Telegraph on Family Friendly Working

Family Friendly Working was recently mentioned in The Telegraph:

Antonia Chitty“Chitty, 38, from Bexhill, East Sussex, is typical of this trend for a flexible approach. She relaunched her career after having two children (now aged six and three), but cheerfully calls herself “unemployable”, in the traditional sense.

“I’m 19 weeks pregnant with my third child, so after a stint at the computer I like to sit in a comfy chair and have a cup of tea,” she says. “Add in my ideal of a job that’s 9-3, that works around school holidays and one that I can take time off for inset days, school plays and assemblies and, like a huge number of women, I’m basically unemployable.”

Nevertheless, since leaving full-time work five years ago, Chitty has forged a career as an author and in public relations. She specialises in promoting the start-up businesses of women with children.

“I was doing that classic thing of spending all my money on child care while resenting someone else bringing up my daughter,” she says. “I volunteered myself for a magazine article on women who were unhappy with their work/life balance and had a session with a life coach.

“She pointed out that I had all the skills to work from home and that people would pay for those skills. Now I get to choose the hours I work and spend time with my children.”

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