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Ideas for Flexible and Home Work

Over half of new mums would like to run their own business, and the number of mumpreneurs is growing daily. If you want to start your own home business, here are some pointers from Antonia Chitty, author of Family Friendly Working, to get you going:

  1. Get a great business idea. If you’re not sure where to start, sign up for the Ideas and Inspirations E-course at Family Friendly Working.
  2. List your priorities such as earning money, or finding work that lets you stay home with your children.
  3. Write down your skills, and ask others what they think you’re good at.
  4. Think about the hours you can devote to working. Be realistic if you plan to work around the kids, as they may not understand “mummy’s working”.
  5. Research the market for your business. Will people buy your product or service? Is it unique enough to be appealing?
  6. Pop into a local Enterprise Agency for advice. The Inland Revenue can also send an advisor to your house.
  7. Go to The Mumpreneur Guide for a free start up e-course to help you get your business going.
  8. Prepare a business plan. Set out aims and objectives, and the steps to take to achieve your goals. There is a free business plan guide to download at
  9. Work out how you will promote and market your business. Visit for a free promotion plan and lots of PR ideas and resources.

Good luck with your new enterprise.

Offers from ACPR: Buy Before the Baby Comes!

I want to get as much work out of the way as possible this month as my baby is due in February, so there is a discount on A Guide to Promoting Your Business – get it for £9.90 instead of £14.99 until 28 February.

You can also buy the Parenting Media Contacts Database for just £70 instead of £125. This is the quickest way to get in touch with hundreds of parenting journalists. Buy now: I won’t be offering it while I am on maternity leave as I won’t be able to keep it up to date and in daily use myself.

Win Business Books from ACPR

PR BasicsWhether you want to start a new business or just give your business a boost in 2009, you’ll find this bundle of business books incredibly useful. You can win:

  • Anyone Can Do It by Coffee Republic founder Sahar Hashemi,
  • Personal Social Responsibility,
  • Raise Your Game Now!,
  • Spare Room Start Up and
  • A Guide to Promoting Your Business

This is the essential set of business books to give you idea and inspiration for 2009. Read mini-reviews of two of the books below.

To enter, email with the answer to this question: How much is A Guide to Promoting Your Business this month? (Visit to find out.) Entries close 1 March 2009. Social Responsibility Arvind Devalia asks you 52 searching questions to help you evaluate your attitude to social responsibility and business. Ideal for every business owner who wants to take responsibility for their place in the planet. See more at

Paul Stalkers BookRaise Your Game Now! Performance coach Paul Stalker is a great man to help you re-evelaute your attitude to life and deal with any habits that are holding you back. This book doesn’t just look at your behaviour, but also challenges you to take control of your health. With Paul’s GAME mnemonic, Gratitude and Attitude, Make a friend, Enjoy yourself, this book will help you improve your life and business. See to find out all about Paul and what he offers.

Promoting your business made simple

It can seem daunting when you are starting to learn about promoting your business. I’ve written a template to help you plan PR, marketing and advertising. On the same page, you can also find a template to help you write a press release. I hope these free tools make it easier for you to learn to promote your business, reach more customers and build sales.