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Review: Special Educational Needs: A Parent’s Guide

Need2Know Books are doing a sterling job sending out “Special Educational Needs: A Parent’s Guide” to relevant charities and organisations. It is really useful to hear what people who are working in SEN think about the book … and so far the reviews have been great.

The latest review reads, “Whatever your situation, “Special Educational Needs: A Parent’s Guide” will help you through your child’s diagnosis and through the complex systems you might encounter.”

It continues, “If you are a parent or carer of a child with special educational needs you will know the feeling of uncertainty as to where to go for help. Or perhaps you are a teacher or other professional working with special educational needs children and would like to have clearer facts about the subject. This practical guide spells out clearly how to deal with the problems that special educational needs can present. For families at the end of their tether because of sleep deprivation, or worn down by battles to get the proper support at school for their special needs child, or who maybe facing the need to adapt their home, this guide is invaluable.”

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Victoria Dawson and I have another couple of books in the pipeline, one for parents of children with special educational needs, focussing on looking after your relationship, and the other focussing on sleep problems. I hope that these will be as well received as the first one.

Special Educational Needs – A Parent’s Guide

As many as one in five children may at some time need extra help with their education, but does this mean they have SEN Bookspecial educational needs?

Due out in October, Antonia Chitty and Victoria Dawson’s informative book, Special Educational Needs – A Parent’s Guide, brings together the facts on special educational needs, looking in detail at the different types of additional needs and how parents and carers can cope with them in daily life.

Find out which professionals can help, how to get through the ‘system’ and gain support, how to handle behavioural difficulties at home and school, and how to get the best education for your child’s needs. The different types of SEN are explained and accompanied by handy checklists to help you look at a child’s behaviour and start the diagnosis process. Practical issues such as family life, sleep, education, housing and finance are also an integral part of the books.

Whether you are worried about your child’s development or work with children and want to know more about the area, this book contains all the facts about the world of special educational needs including the contact details for sources of help.

Discovering your child has special educational needs can leave many parents feeling unsure of where to go for help. This practical guide will spell out clearly how to deal with the problems special educational needs present.

Published by Need2Know – the imprint of People’s Publisher Forward Press that focuses on overcoming real life problems – Special Educational Needs- A Parent’s Guide is available now from the Need2Know website ( or by calling 01733 898103 or emailing Also available from Amazon and bookshops.

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Publication Date: October 2008 (Pre-publication copies available now)

ISBN: 978-1-86144-057-0

Binding: Paperback

Price: £8.99

Dimensions: 205mm x 195mm



Notes for Editors:

1. Special Educational Needs – A Parent’s Guide’ is priced at £8.99

2. Antonia Chitty is an experienced author and journalist. She specialises in getting case studies and real life experiences from parents and children. Antonia has worked in the field of visual impairment for a number of years after training as an optometrist. She worked on sight loss prevention for RNIB before working as a journalist writing research-based features on health for Which? magazine. Antonia’s recent publications include Family Friendly Working, and A Guide to Promoting Your Business. Her next book, What to do When Your Child Hates School is due out in Autumn 2008. Alongside writing books, Antonia does freelance PR.

3. Victoria Dawson is teacher who has worked with children with special needs and their families for the last 10 years. She holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Special and Inclusive Education and a Diploma in Counselling. Victoria has taught in Special Schools in the North of England for eight years. She has also worked for Scope as a project manager, researching and writing a training package around strengthening family relationships when the child has a disability. Victoria’s son has a visual impairment giving her personal experience of parenting a child with an additional need.

4. A jpeg high-resolution image of the cover is available upon request.

5. Need2Know is the imprint of People’s Publisher Forward Press that focuses on overcoming problems.

6. Forward Press Ltd is the largest publisher of new poetry in the UK. Since its establishment in 1989 the company has published more than 90,000 original poems and, along the way, been instrumental in changing the poetry world forever. Founded by aspiring poet Ian Walton, the company’s ethos has always been to act as a bridge to publication, rather than a barrier, and give everyone the opportunity to see their poems in print. Today, 18 years after starting Forward Press, Ian remains the driving force behind the company and, with his committed team, continues to develop it as The People’s Publisher.

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