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Sleep stories needed


Antonia Chitty 2011 Grey 200 x 300

If you’re a parent of a child with a disability or additional need, I need your bedtime stories! Can you tell me what your child needs at bedtime, what helps them get to sleep, what keeps them awake. What special features in the bedroom are a must have – blackout blinds, weighted blankets – tell me what helps you and your child.Many thanks


8 tips for Promotional Materials to promote your business

successlIf you ask most people about ideas for promoting your business, they will talk to you about flyers and other printed materials. With the ready availability of high street instant printers, there is lots of scope for even the smallest business to create great promotional materials. Here are 8 tips to make sure you get it right:

  1. First, consider the materials that are used every day within your business. Do they reinforce your current marketing campaign or back up your brand values?
  2. Do you love your promotional materials? When you and your colleagues attend networking and business meetings do you have business cards and flyers to hand out that you are proud of, or do you apologetically explain that you need to get them updated?
  3. What’s the: “Who, what, where, when, how and why” of your promotional materials? Asking yourself these questions will make sure you don’t waste your money, and help you know if you are using the right thing at the right time.
  4. What results do you get from each type of promotional material that you are using already? Keep track of these figures and tie them in to the cost of producing the materials and the time taken to distribute them.
  5. Do a quick audit of the materials you use to promote your business already. Make a list of the regular materials that are used. When and where do you use them? Does each item have a clear call to action? This could be as simple as ‘Book Now’, or if you want to encourage people to act in a timely manner ‘Book within the next 7 days to get 10% off’, or whatever offer you want to make.
  6. Are all your promotional items are clear and legible? Use larger print and fewer words to make sure that every patient can read your materials. RNIB suggests 14 point as a minimum size for easy reading.
  7. Aim to keep your promotional messages short and simple. Whether you have a banner outside your store, an A-frame stand, or a devising copy for an advert in the newspaper, cut back on long words. As you review promotional materials, wield your red pen. Score out unnecessary adjectives and stick to facts. Strike through jargon, and try to find a simpler way to say things.
  8. Finally, look at the visual aspect of your promotional materials. Do they reinforce a coherent brand for the business? Do you have consistency in colours, logos and images? Look at attractive promotions for other businesses and see how yours match up.

Useful resources from Own-It for Creatives

In keeping with our New Year’s resolution in 2013, to organise more regular webinars and to give you access to IP training free of charge from the convenience of your computer we have an upcoming webinar today that aims to grapple with the issues to do with securing funding for your fashion business. If you can’t tune in, don’t worry, we will record all webinars and publish them in our know-how section. Listen to our latest podcasts on fashion contracts and fashion branding with our partner law firm, DLA Piper.

Having a strong online presence is crucial for any business, but even more so for anybody working in the creative industry, where your clients really want to see what you do. Therefore the upcoming Own-it workshop on legal issues to consider when planning your online marketing strategy should be high up on the agenda of all visual creators and designers.

We have just launched Own-it Direct an intellectual property advisory programme for University of the Arts London alumni, who want to start-up businesses or develop new products and services. They can apply for up to ten hours of IP advice from qualified solicitors. The scheme is open to SEED Fund and Start-Up loans applicants but the aim is to extend the programme to any start-up business or entrepreneur with a new product/service idea so if you’re not eligible this time stay tuned for future updates!

Own itI’ve been receiving information from Own-it right from when I started in business. It provides lots of useful help if you design, write or create on protecting your creations.


Here are a few of their latest resources:


5 Event Ideas to Promote your Business

peopleEvents provide the perfect way to raise your business profile. You can meet your customer needs, generate some publicity and bring in money at the same time – what’s not to like? Here are 5 ideas to help you use events to meet your business goals:

  1. You could start by looking for speaking opportunities. This allows you to make the most of an event hosted and run by someone else. You can raise your profile and reach new people. Write a letter or email to event organisers outlining what you could speak about and how this will help their audience. Act well in advance of an event. Consider whether you need a fee, expenses, or are happy to speak simply for the publicity.
  2. Exhibitions and trade fairs are another good way to make the most of someone else’s event. If you offer business to business  services or products look for trade fairs, if you want to reach consumers search for relevant consumer exhibitions, fairs, festivals and fêtes  Highlight the event to your followers to support the event organiser’s publicity.
  3. Once you have taken part in other people’s events you may be inspired to run your own. Start with a seminar, workshop or other small group event. Consider what sort of training you could offer and who it could help. You’ll need to find a venue, consider catering if needed, plan your content, and get lots of publicity.
  4. Build up to running a conference. This can be a big task, and is best done with a team, but it is a great way to reach hundreds of people at once. Get more tips on making an event a success here.
  5. Whatever your event, make sure you plan promotion. An event is a great hook for a press release. Think several months in advance and work out which publications, programmes and sites might mention your event. Write a press release, and offer to do guest posts on you specialist topic, with a link to your event at the bottom.

Does your child have sleep problems and special needs or a disability?

Does your child with special needs also have sleep issues? I’m looking for parents willing to share their experiences for a new book on sleep I’m writing with Victoria Dawson.

This book covers children aged 2-19 rather than babies.

Get in touch via or the contact form, and I’ll send you a few questions to answer. Please share this if you know anyone who might be interested.

Children with Special Needs and Food – Your Help Needed

Eating and Special Needs

Children with special needs may have accompanying issues with food and eating.  Antonia Chitty and Victoria Dawson are currently researching this area in order to produce a book for parents to guide them through issues around eating.  As part of the research they are keen to hear from parents who have had difficulties with their child’s eating.  The aim of this book is to provide parents with practical support, warn them of avoidable problems and offer emotional support at what can be a difficult time.  Your co-operation in completing this questionnaire would be very much appreciated. Please email your answers to antonia @

About Your Child

  • Does your child have a diagnosis?


  • What exactly are their eating issues?


  • When did the eating issues first begin?


  • How are the eating issues managed?


  • How has the eating issue affected their lives eg school, social life etc?


  • How has the eating issue impacted on your life as a parent?


  • Do they have any food allergies if so how do you manage this?

Professional Help

  • Which professionals have been involved in your child’s case?
  • Have you had enough support?


Practical Tips for other parents

  • How did you find out information about eating issues?
  • Were you ever in denial about your child’s needs?  If so can you explain how this felt and what made things change?
  • What tips can you pass on to help other parents around managing eating issues?
  • What do you wish you’d known about eating issues that you know now?

If you wish to fill this in anonymously then you do not need to complete the details below.  If however you would like us to keep in touch with you and you do not mind us contacting you for further information, please provide your contact details






We would like to use your comments in the book. All responses will be anonymous and names will be changed.  Any information that you provide that is printed will be checked with you first for accuracy via email.  Please indicate below if we can use your comments and experiences to help other parents:


Yes, you may use my comments anonymously

No, I don’t want to be quoted.

Can you help: children with special needs and food

I’ve been asked by one of my publishers to look into the possibilities for a book about food and children with special needs. I want to scope out what this book might cover, and whether this is actually the book that parents of kids with special needs really need, or if there is another area that is more of an issue. So, can you help me by answering a couple of questions:

  1. If your child has special needs, what are the biggest issues for you right now?
  2. And is food/eating an issue? What problems have you experienced, what has helped?

Please write your comments below or use the Family Friendly Working contact form. And if you can pass this on to other parents or share this link on your blog, please do!

Quick Tips for Freelancers: Working with a Young Family

If you want to work as a freelancer and have young children you will need a double dose of dedication to your work, as you will have more obstacles to deal with. Before starting out on a freelancer career, decide what you want out of life and make sure your work fits in with it. Think about how you wil balance client deadlines and sick kids or broken nights. You may find yourself working late into the night after the day has not gone as planned. Small children do not always understand when ‘mummy is working’ or ‘daddy has to get this finished right now’.

I get a big buzz out of my work: I love seeing clients’ news being covered in the media or my books in print, and really enjoy the great variety of work I do. If I didn’t have a passion for it, it would be very hard to stay motivated. In a lot of ways my work is a far more tangible thing than raising children: the visible outcomes are easier to measure, so it makes a nice balance. I found it incredibly hard having 6 months of maternity leave after the birth of my daughter: just thinking about feeds, nappies and baby groups wasn’t enough. With my third child on the way I really value the chance to balance work and family in the way I want.

Antonia Chitty is author of Family Friendly Working(, A guide to Promoting Your Business ( and a number of other parenting and health books. She has a book on earning a living from writing, The Commercial Writing Guide coming out in July 2009. You can find out more about her own freelance writing career at and her PR business at

New Book on Marketing and Social Media


For immediate release

Marketing – The Essential Guide

With more and more people biting the bullet and starting their own business, you could find yourself full or enthusiasm but at a loss as to where to start.

Marketing – The Essential Guide is a brand new title by award-winning entrepreneur, Antonia Chitty and co-author Victoria Dawson.

Published by Need2Know, this practical and informative guide covers everything from creating your brand to working out your USP and using social media for marketing. An essential guide for beginners and experienced marketers alike this guide will help you achieve marketing success whether you work for a multi-national conglomerate or own the local chip shop. Author Antonia Chitty, co-author of Marketing – The Essential Guide says, ‘Businesses need to put marketing at the top of the list if they want to achieve real business success.’

With chapters covering the basics of marketing, target audience, branding, press releases, online promotion, social media and blogs, this book explores every possible avenue for marketing your business – equipping you with the marketing knowledge to help your business succeed.

Marketing – The Essential Guide is the 82nd in the series and is available now from the Need2Know website, by calling 01733 898103 or emailing The book is also available from all good bookshops. Marketing – The Essential Guide is available in large print format and as an eBook from the Need2Know website.


Word Count 234

Notes for Editors:

ISBN: 978-1-86144-127-0

Binding: Paperback A jpeg high-resolution image of the cover is available

Price: £9.99 upon request.

Dimensions: 205mm x 195mm For more information or interviews with Antonia Chitty or Victoria Dawson contact Need2Know on 01733 898103 or email:


News Release: Complementary Therapies – The Essential Guide


For immediate release

Complementary Therapies – The Essential Guide

Complementary therapy, or alternative therapy as it is sometimes called, is a term used to describe a range of treatments that treats the individual in a holistic way, treating the whole person not just the symptom that is troubling them. The belief is that a person is well if their body, mind and environment are all balanced. It is estimated that around 30% of the population in the UK use complementary therapy and this figure continues to rise.

Complementary Therapies – The Essential Guide, by Antonia Chitty and Victoria Dawson, published on 1st January 2011, brings together expert advice, the latest research and facts about the most commonly used complementary therapies.

This practical guide covers acupuncture, aromatherapy, chiropractice, herbalism and Chinese medicine, homeopathy, hypnotherapy, massage, osteopathy, reiki and reflexology. For each therapy there is information on its history, what the treatment involves and what it can help treat. There are also sections in each chapter on how each therapy can be useful if you are pregnant, elderly or a parent wanting treatment for your child.

Both authors are experienced in the subject. Antonia Chitty investigates and writes about complementary therapies on a regular basis for national health charities; Victoria Dawson is a qualified hypnotherapist, life coach and Reiki Master with an interest in all complementary therapies. They say, ‘More and more people in the UK are turning to complementary therapies in order to relieve stress, relax or relieve some form of illness. The book looks at the most commonly used complementary therapies in detail.’

The selection of therapies available can be baffling to someone who has no prior knowledge of the techniques and what they are beneficial for. If you are looking for information about where to start, Complementary Therapies – The Essential Guide will help you to find out more about the most common therapies currently in use and how they may benefit you or your family.

Published by Need2Know – the imprint of Forward Press that focuses on overcoming real life problems – Complementary Therapies – The Essential Guide is the 67th in the series and is available now from the Need2Know website ( or by calling 01733 898103 or emailing The book is also available from all good bookshops. Complementary Therapies is available in large print format, and as an ebook from the Need2Know website.

Publication Date: 1st January 2011 (Pre-publication copies available now)

ISBN: 978-1-86144-098-3

Binding: Paperback

Price: £9.99

Dimensions: 205mm x 195mm



Notes for Editors:

  1. ‘Complementary Therapies – The Essential Guide’ is priced at £9.99

2. Antonia Chitty is a freelance health writer and author of a number of health books. She trained and worked as an optometrist for a number of years before moving to write on health for Which? magazine. She investigates and writes on complementary therapies on a regular basis for national health charities.

Victoria Dawson is a qualified hypnotherapist, life coach and Reiki Master with an interest in all complementary therapies. Victoria has a particular interest in sleep and is a qualified sleep practitioner.

  1. A jpeg high-resolution image of the cover is available upon request.
  1. Translations will shortly be available. Please contact the Need2Know office for details.
  1. Need2Know is the imprint of People’s Publisher Forward Press Ltd.

Forward Press writing initiatives include: Young Writers / Anchor Books / Spotlight Poets / Need2Know / Triumph House / New Fiction / WomensWords / StrongWords / Poetry Now / Pond View. Find out more at:

For more information or interviews with Antonia Chitty and Victoria Dawson contact Alison Cross on 01733 898103 or email: