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Bridging the gender gap: Why are there still so few women in IT roles?

If you had asked the graduates of 1993 how they imagined the gender gap would look in a quarter of a century’s time, the chances are they would have laughed in your face. The girls were outnumbering the lads in the traditionally male disciplines of engineering and technology, and it would have been reasonable to assume that by 2018, this would have spread to all sectors and management levels.

Yet here we are, and things do not quite look that way. Gender diversity remains as much of an issue in technology organizations as it was at the turn of the millennium.

Career breaks?

In part, it is down to the fact that more than 50 percent of women who begin careers in technology leave their jobs mid-career. However, there must be more to it than that. The pattern is not seen to the same extent in other sectors, and to the best of the researchers’ knowledge, technical workers are not the only women on the planet who have babies.

A normalized career path

The question is one that was recently studied by Girls Who Code (GWC), a non-profit organization that provides computer-science education and training to girls and young women aged 11 to 17. Their after-school and summer camp style programs have gone a long way to normalize technology as an educational path, and to foster a sense of curiosity and engagement in technology among teenagers.

The real trick is to keep that momentum going into the world of work, and the recent trend towards outsourced IT services could be key. It is no secret that there is still something of a “boys locker room” mentality in the archetypal corporate IT department. But with internal IT teams rapidly going the way of the dinosaurs, so are the attitudes.

Today, businesses are increasingly looking at third party providers to meet their IT needs – that means companies like Probrand, that provides third party solutions ranging from technical support to managed services to a whole lot more. With the new style of service provision have come new attitudes, and the whole sector has a feeling of fresh air about it.

Identifying the talent

Of course, not every major organization is outsourcing its IT. What can those who keep their technical departments in-house do to improve gender equality? Jane Chwick, a senior advisor at Goldman Sachs, is a speaker for GWC and a member of its board. She feels that the major corporations can and should be doing more to identify, develop and retain the most talented employees and cited a project that she led at Goldman’s 15 years ago.

By creating leadership training programs for the most talented and high-potential female employees in the technology departments, she raised their profiles, allocating real-life projects that would have tangible deliverables. She said: “Within five years, 70 percent of those women became managing directors at Goldman. I think that particular program started a movement at the firm.”

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No Regrets Say Parents

A new survey for Family Friendly Working and mumandworking to launch the mumandworking Awards shows that parents are leaving the world of employment despite seeing the family income fall. The survey also shows that parents prize time with the family and flexible hours over job security and the amount they earn when choosing a job.

80% of parents have changed their working pattern since having children. The main reason parent change the way they work is to spend more time with the family. Just over half of parents explained that their priorities have changes, while nearly 3 in 10 found that their work hours didn’t fit the childcare available, and 3 in 20 found that it was financially no longer worth working due to the cost of childcare. Overwhelmingly, parents are happy with the choice they have made. Not one respondent wished they had never resigned, while 4 in 10 say that is has been the best decision they ever made, and nearly 6 in 10 describe the experience as ‘hard at times but worth it’.

Only 43% of parents who responded are now employed with the rest self employed, seeking work, studying or taking a career break. And only 17% are working full time. Director of mumandworking and Practical Parenting Business Parent of the Year 2007/08 Sam Willoughby says, “This shows how traditional employment patterns are no longer normal. The 2010 mumandworking awards which are supported by Sarah Beeny reward and recognise the companies and individuals that make flexible working possible and show that family-friendly employment not only supports family life but give real benefits to the companies involved.”

Changing the way you work after having children has a big financial impact – seven out of 10 families have seen a drop in income and for nearly half of those this reduction is between £10-£40k a year. Three in 10 feel they are financially ‘fine’, while four in 10 are ok most of the time but struggle sometimes. Nearly a quarter struggle financially more often than not, with just under one in 10 finding they never have enough money or even have serious debt problems.

Money is not the top priority for parents, however. When asked to list their top three priorities, time with the family came out first for a massive 17 out of 20 parents, while flexible hours were a priority for three in four. Seven in twenty prioritised how much they earn and three in ten prioritised job security. Career progression was a priority for just one in 10. Director of Family Friendly Working and Inspirational Mumpreneur of the Year 2009 Antonia Chitty says, “Employers need to take this message on board to attract and retain employees. I’m pleased to support the 2010 mumandworking awards that recognise outstanding companies and individuals who are committed to flexible and family friendly work.”

To enter the awards or nominate someone go to Nominations are open now and there are a range of exciting prizes for the winners.

Annabel Karmel to Share Secrets at BusinessMums Conference

An award winning businesswoman with a multimillion pound business will share her advice at the start of the BusinessMums Conference 2010 which takes place in Brighton later this year. With a high profile, product ranges across numerous national chains, and guidance that almost every mum follows at some stage in her baby or child’s life, Annabel Karmel MBE is the symbol for long term success as a mumpreneur. Annabel Karmel’s ‘Eat Fussy’ range is the Number 1 Kids Chilled meals brand and the fastest growing year on year. She is also the author of 22 books with global book sales of over £4million. At the BusinessMums Conference Annabel will be sharing her advice for mums in business and would be mumpreneurs. Annabel Karmel is pleased to be part of the event and says, “I wish there had been a business mums conf when I was starting out. The BusinessMums Conference in October in Brighton is a unique and exciting event that celebrates the growing contribution that business mums make to the economy. It has taken me many years to build my business and I’ve learnt so much along the way. I’m looking forward to sharing my business advice and experience first hand to so many inspiring mumpreneurs along with my top tips on how to manage motherhood and a thriving company.” The Business Mums’ Conference 2010 will help women get inspired and learn skills to develop their business. At the show you will meet other mums running their own businesses, plus those thinking and planning to start up. You’ll meet people who have attended the Mumpreneurs Networking Club, those from the Mums in Biz training events and mums from across the south of England and beyond. It’s a chance to catch up with old friends, meet people you have only ever emailed or chatted to on forums, and to make new contacts. It is going to be a fun and glamorous event, with lots of practical applications for any mums who own a business. For more about The Business Mums’ Conference 2010, see For more about Annabel Karmel see

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“Inspirational Business Mum of the Year” Award for Author and Entrepreneur

Antonia Chitty has been awarded the “Inspirational Business Mum of the Year” Award at this weekend’s Mumpreneur Conference in Birmingham. She says, “It is great to be recognized for the work I do to help women start and develop their own businesses. Running my own enterprise has made an enormous difference to my life and I’m passionate about inspiring others to succeed. I’m very proud to be the ‘Inspirational Business Mum of the Year’

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Sunday Night Round Up

We’ve been enjoying a fabulous weekend with beautiful weather. It is Dh and my 12th wedding anniversary too so we had a lovely lunch out with the kids – all good.
Now, I’m just catching up with a little work, planning for the week ahead and trying to work a little in advance to make some time for networking events for Business Mum Week and The Mumpreneur Conference which I’ll be attending in Birmingham on the 3rd of October. I’m mildly terrified about the conference purely because I’ll be driving up on my own (well, with Kit too) and I hate long drives … since we were driven into about 10 years ago. The drive will take around 5 hours.

Anyway, apart from that, this week I’m writing about gifts and traditions for one of the blogs I work on, plus personal finance and money saving for another. I’ve done a good update for Family Friendly Working which should see me past the conference – I schedule features well in advance and have mumpreneurs booked in for the profile slots right up until the end of October.

I’ve done the first chapter for the book on Down’s Syndrome. It is not totally complete and I suspect I’ll need to revise it as I work on the following chapters but it is good to make a start. I aim to do two chapters next month and two in November which shouldn’t be too much pressure.

Writing that up all feels quite under control. The things I can’t control are the volume of sales for the Mumpreneur Guide. The special offer ends on Wednesday, and if there is another big sales day this could push aside all my plans for a week of writing.

I’m also due to do some work on the business. I’m meeting a business adviser next Wednesday, need to do the end of month invoices and have a couple of stray invoices to chase up plus missing parcels to claim from the post office. Such excitement! Let’s hope the weather stays good so I can get all this done in the sun.