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Five Basics of Successful Marketing 3

iStock_000016220503MediumDifferent marketing techniques work for different businesses but a number of basic principles hold true for all businesses. Read on to find the third key principle that you need to understand to market your business successfully.

3. It’s a lot about persistence

Did you know people need up to seven opportunities to view your message before taking action? You won?t get much of a response the first time you carry out most marketing activities. Sorry, to be the bearer of bad news but it’s important to be realistic and not give up on your marketing efforts at the first sign of adversity.

If the people you are contacting have not come across your business before you are likely to need to contact them several times before getting results. Later on in the course we’ll cover the AIDA model which stands for ‘Awareness’, ‘Interest’, ‘Desire’ and ‘Action’. As consumers we don’t just buy everything we see, there are a number of psychological barriers which must be overcome before a purchase takes place. From a seller’s point of view it’s our job to help the buyer overcome these psychological barriers and this can be done via marketing.

Tip! Allow time and money for repeat marketing activities to make the most of your initial investment.

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