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All rights reserved

Wendy Cope is writing about copyright in the current issue of ALCS news (previously printed in the Guardian). I’m usually pretty clear about copyright, and stick strictly to the line that if you want my writing, what do I get in return? Wendy’s piece got me thinking perhaps in the opposite way to that which she intended. One of her bugbears is finding her poems on the net without permission. I just wonder how long writers can carry on being paid in the same way, and whether all those people hoping to make their websites pay will ever achieve their aims. Yesterday’s mediaGuardian highlighted a new media company paying blogers an advice on their writing. Great idea? Well, nope, not if they didn’t get the required number of page views for their scribblings as they they would get the push. The piece wasn’t clear what happened to the advance in that case.

It makes me feel quite pessimistic about the long term possibilities of earning a living from print media, and I’m not sure that writing for the net is ever going to pay well enough to live on. How do you see writers getting paid in the future?

Jobs and pay

I was interested to see Pat Thornton’s blog where he explains the problem’s that occur if you take the first figure offered when accepting a new job. He explains, “If person A starts at $30,000 and person B at $35,000, their salaries could quickly diverge even further. A 10 percent raise puts them at $33,000 and $38,500. Another 10 percent raise puts them at $36,300 and $42,350. What started as a $5,000 difference in salary became a $6,050 difference in just two raises.” Of course, not every salary raise is done as a percent, but, as he suggests, you are losing out on holiday pay and pensions too. If you’re interested in help to get a better job or rate, Pat suggests you visit Journerdism for a bundle of tips and links on networking, interviewing, negotiating, resume and job boards. If you’re looking for more UK based resources, I’ve found Linda Jones’s Freelance Writing Tips very helpful, and Joanne Mallon has done a podcast on the subject too.