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Making it Easier to Examine People With Learning Disabilities




Date: 2 November 2009


Making it Easier to Examine People With Learning Disabilities

Eyecare professionals will find it easier to care for people with learning disabilities thanks to a new initiative from SeeAbility’s eye 2 eye Campaign and Kay Pictures. Optometrists testing this group now benefit from 50% off Kay Picture vision tests.

Around 3 in 10 people with learning disabilities have a significant sight problem, yet many do not get regular sight tests. As a result, people with learning difficulties have a high rate of undetected treatable sensory impairments.

Hazel Kay, creator of the test, says, “The Kay Picture Test provides an accurate means of testing the vision of people with learning disabilities using pictures of familiar, everyday objects. Visual acuity measurements are achieved in an easy, quick and fun way, which can allay fears regarding the eye test and help to gain the person’s cooperation and trust with other aspects of the examination.”

Martin Thomas, Manager of the Lookup Information Service says

“We’re pleased with the Kay Picture offer on Lookup as it means that many more optometrists and specialist workers have the chance to purchase Kay cards and extend their skills and services to meet the needs of people who might have been at risk of being excluded from eye sight tests.”

Undetected sight problems mean that people are unable to take part in a range of leisure, work and learning activities that they could otherwise enjoy. They can experience undetected deterioration of their sight, leading to a loss of skills, frustration and isolation. If you want to make a difference, you could:

  • Visit to download pre and post eye examination forms that assist people with learning disabilities and their carers to make the most of their eye examinations
  • Work through Healthcall Optical’s CET pack, Examining People with Learning Disabilities to improve your skills
  • Register on the Look Up database which gives information about practice facilities for people with learning disabilities.

Order your discount Kay Picture Tests at

Quote ‘SeeAbility offer’ on your order form. See note 9 for details.

– ENDS –

Issued by SeeAbility, for further information please contact:

Monica Cornforth on 020 8997 1261 or 07811 147 192



  • ·1. SeeAbility is the operating name for The Royal School for the Blind, a national charity which has for over 200 years provided support for people who are blind or partially sighted and have additional disabilities.
    • ·2. SeeAbility currently provides a range of services in; Birmingham, Bristol, Devon, East Sussex, Hampshire, Humberside, London, Sheffield, Somerset, Surrey and West Sussex.
    • ·3. SeeAbility offers a wide range of specialised residential, community and rehabilitation services for people with a visual impairment and additional disabilities. Our aim is to provide each individual with the support they need to develop essential life skills for greater independence and a fulfilling life.
    • ·4. SeeAbility’s eye 2 eye Campaign, a community-based initiative, is improving eye care and vision for people with a learning disability.
  1. Look-Up provides information and advice on eye care and vision for people with learning disabilities.
  • ·6. SeeAbility’s Central Office is based in Epsom, Surrey. For further information call 01372 755000 or visit
  1. The Kay Picture Test makes testing quick, easy and provides accurate, reliable visual acuity measurements in the same way as a Snellen letter test. It is an ideal method for those who may have difficulty in responding to more complex tests that require the patient to have a degree of literacy and verbal communication skills.
  2. The testing procedure is similar to procedures that use letters. Pictures can be matched until they are no longer sufficiently visible to be recognised. People with learning disabilities can respond through methods such as signing, pointing, eye gazing or speech. Acuity is then scored using LogMAR or Snellen notation.
  3. The offer is only available to professionals who have registered on the Look Up database or have undertaken Healthcall Optical’s CET: Examining People with Learning Disabilities. Provide a copy of your CET certificate with your order, or confirm that you are registered on the Look Up database. The 50% discount is on the list price of any of the six Kay Picture Test near and distance sets and matching cards when a new service is provided.


September Update – What I’m Working On

At the moment I’m just embracing the challenges of being back after maternity leave.

I’ve launched The Mumpreneur Guide with plenty of online noise which has resulted in great sales – now the challenge is to keep that up! I’m taking part in three different events over Business Mum Week which should help.

Alongside that, I’m

  • providing blogging services to a couple of new clients
  • picking up some feature writing on learning disability for longstanding client SeeAbility
  • working on exciting new book idea for Family Friendly Working
  • about to start on a book about Down’s Syndrome for Need2Know books
  • meeting Everywoman to talk about the workshop I;m running at their conference in November
  • talking to Which? about future health policy work

I’ve got an appointment with a business adviser coming up too as I work on my medium-long term plan – there’s lots to do right now.