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6 Tips to help you Start or Grow Your Blog

I love blogging and it has made an enormous difference to my business. It has allowed me to reach far more mums interested in flexible work, self employment and running a business. I know, though, that not everyone finds blogging easy and want to share some tips for blogging success.

  1. If you want to blog but are unsure where to start, try Erica Douglas’s Mum Blogger eBook. The first of its kind it takes you step by step through creating a fabulous blog.
  2. Slot in time each week to blog rather than waiting until you feel like it.
  3. Spend an evening brainstorming everything you might blog about so you can start writing as soon as you sit down.
  4. Try allocating different types of post to different days – a ‘photo-post’ day, a competition day, a product review day etc.
  5. If you have a blog but aren’t getting the comments and visitors that you’d like, the Mum Blogger eBook really comes into its own. It shows you hundreds of ideas for attracting readers and making your posts into ones that get comments.
  6. If you can’t face blogging, let me and my team of writers blog for you! I can usually double the number of targeted visitors to a site by providing keyword-rich content.

We have a great offer for you on the Mum Blogger eBook. Get 20% off with the code ANTONIA20. Follow the link below to buy.
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The Mumpreneur’s Guide to Online Business Success

Online Business SuccessDo you see other people promoting their business online and want to do it too: find out how in my new e-book.

Does This Ring Any Bells?

TickYou see other people promoting their business online and want to do it too

TickYou signed up for a Twitter account but can’t really see how it will drive sales

TickYou’ve thought about blogging, but can’t get started or don’t keep it up

TickYou don’t really see how a blog will add business anyway

TickYou’d love to have a list of thousands to mail your latest offers to, but don’t know how to get the right people on your list

TickYou’ve been promoting your business online for a while but have yet to see results

TickYou’re fed up with tweeting or blogging and are starting to wonder whether it is worth it.

Follow this link to get the help you need in a free-to-download, easy to follow workbook.

Win Facepaints – Mystery Shopping Job – Case Study of Business Mum Needed

There’s lots going on at Family Friendly Working. You have just one more day to enter a competition to win some Snazaroo face paints. I have got news of an opportunity to sign up as a mystery shopper. There’s news including a report on why becoming a mum cuts your income and how being a working mum won’t harm your child. And I’m now looking for business mums and dads to feature in Family Friendly Working in December. Ideally your business will have some sort of seasonal theme. Email to find out more.

Sunday Night Round Up

We’ve been enjoying a fabulous weekend with beautiful weather. It is Dh and my 12th wedding anniversary too so we had a lovely lunch out with the kids – all good.
Now, I’m just catching up with a little work, planning for the week ahead and trying to work a little in advance to make some time for networking events for Business Mum Week and The Mumpreneur Conference which I’ll be attending in Birmingham on the 3rd of October. I’m mildly terrified about the conference purely because I’ll be driving up on my own (well, with Kit too) and I hate long drives … since we were driven into about 10 years ago. The drive will take around 5 hours.

Anyway, apart from that, this week I’m writing about gifts and traditions for one of the blogs I work on, plus personal finance and money saving for another. I’ve done a good update for Family Friendly Working which should see me past the conference – I schedule features well in advance and have mumpreneurs booked in for the profile slots right up until the end of October.

I’ve done the first chapter for the book on Down’s Syndrome. It is not totally complete and I suspect I’ll need to revise it as I work on the following chapters but it is good to make a start. I aim to do two chapters next month and two in November which shouldn’t be too much pressure.

Writing that up all feels quite under control. The things I can’t control are the volume of sales for the Mumpreneur Guide. The special offer ends on Wednesday, and if there is another big sales day this could push aside all my plans for a week of writing.

I’m also due to do some work on the business. I’m meeting a business adviser next Wednesday, need to do the end of month invoices and have a couple of stray invoices to chase up plus missing parcels to claim from the post office. Such excitement! Let’s hope the weather stays good so I can get all this done in the sun.

Your Stories Wanted

Getting Ink is a site where journalists post case study requests. It is worth signing up for daily updates as you may be able to get some free publicity for your business. Today, a freelancer for a national parenting magazine is looking for birth stories. Follow the link to find out more here.

Successful Blogging: How to Stick at it

It is harder to stick with writing a blog than you might think. As part of a busy day, your blog can be seen as an ‘extra’ – but it can be a fun way to really improve your search engine results. I’ve seen visitors more than double since starting to blog on and I really enjoy tracking down news for women in business and mumpreneurs, and have started getting a steady flow of useful books to review on the sites too. So, if you have a dormant blog, think up some themes and ideas to make sure you are posting every day or two. Sign up for some relevant press release feeds to give you some new ideas. And ask some guest bloggers in to help you keep things going.

Stuck on SEO?

I’ve been using a site called Website Grader in the last few days. It will appeal to you if you know a few things about SEO but are unsure what to do next to improve your site rating. Website Grader looks at everything from your tags to your sites listings on directories, and makes suggestions about blogs and contact forms. It has helped me pick up a few things that were wrong on my site and hopefully improve the way is picked up on search engines. I’m also using it for, where I have started a new blog about flexible work and mumpreneurs. Hope you find it useful too.