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What Leading Businesswoman Say about The Mumpreneur Guide

The Mumpreneur Guide has received rave reviews from some of the top businesswomen in the country and I wanted to share some of them with you.

“I refused to compromise between career and family – both are so important to me and I was determined neither should suffer just because I wanted ‘to have it all’. This guide is a great starting place for new mums who would like to try juggling. It is definitely not the easy option but if it works for you then the results are well worth the effort.” Laura Tenison MBE, Founder & MD of JoJo Maman Bébé and mum to Toby & Ben

The “must-have” read for anyone considering setting up a business whilst combining the responsibility of raising a family. Don’t do anything until you have read this book … it could change your life.” Emma Wimhurst, Business Mentor and author of BOOM! 7 Disciplines to CONTROL, GROW and add IMPACT to your business

“We are seeing such an increase in the number of Mums starting and growing a business from home. It’s a way of working that keeps you on hand for the family whilst turning a skill/passion/hobby into a way of making a living. Becoming your own boss from the comfort of home is an experience that will fill your life with every day adventure – good on Antonia for publishing this Guide that will help Mums through the exciting times!” Emma Jones, Founder of Enterprise Nation, the home business website, and author of Spare Room Start Up – how to start a business from home

If you still haven’t ordered your copy of The Mumpreneur Guide then perhaps your answers to the following questions will make up your mind …?

  • Do you ever lie awake at night worrying about how to make ends meet?
  • Are you worried about leaving your child in day care?
  • Do nursery fees make a big dent in your budget – or is the cost of day care just out of the question?
  • Do you want to work but hate to miss out on your child growing up?
  • Do you see other mums starting their own business and envy the control they have over their lives?
  • Are you wary of signing up for so-called ‘business opportunities’ that demand up-front payment without being clear about how you will earn anything?
  • Do you want the financial success that you can see others achieving?

Order your copy now and start making a difference to your life and the lives of your children.

The Mumpreneur Guide is available to buy from Tuesday 1st September and if you buy a copy before 30th September you get over £500 of bonuses for free.
  1. BONUS 1 – Access to The Mumpreneur Guide’s Secret Blog (Value £300)
  2. BONUS 2 – More ‘me’ time (Value priceless)
  3. BONUS 3 – A 3-part marketing course (Value £150)
  4. BONUS 4 – The chance to win a place on a Mums in Biz course (Value £65)

Creating a media pack when starting your own magazine

More and more people are starting a local magazine. It can be a great way to earn a good income, with flexible hours. You may also be attracted to the idea of creating editorial content for a magazine. However, the most important skill for anyone thinking of setting up a magazine business is to be able to sell advertising. This will determine whether you can create a successful profit making business or not. One of the tools which will help you inform advertisers about the benefits and costs of advertising in your magazine is a Media Pack. Read on for a quick guide to what a media pack should contain.

  1. Benefits: The most important section. Tell potential advertisers why they should advertise in your magazine, and how it can help them to reach potential customers, particularly those that they can not reach in any other way.
  2. About the magazine: a little background and factual information for those who are unfamiliar with the publication.
  3. Distribution. Tell the advertiser about your print run and readership figures, where and how the magazine is distributed, and the socioeconomic demgraphics of the readers.
  4. Editorial Content. Explain about the articles and news that will ensure readers value the magazine.
  5. A quote from existing happy advertiser(s), once you have them.
  6. Page rates, rates for advertorial features, classifieds, advert design and website advertising, as appropriate.
  7. Publication dates and copy deadlines for a year ahead.
  8. Technical requirements for the advertisements: you will need to clear these with your designer.

You will want to illustrate the media pack with some attractive cover images, and possibly examples of the layout of insides pages. In total, a media pack should be in the region of 350 to 500 words. If you need help creating a media pack, get in touch and I can let you know about the benefits of a professionally written pack.

Competition: Feeling Stressed?

Stress - the essential guideAre you feeling relaxed after a summer break, or stressed by trying to fit in too much as well as keep the kids happy? This month, you have the chance to learn how to stay on top of stress with a great new book from Need2Know Books.

Find out how to case up to the causes of stress, get useful tips for coping in a crisis, and understand how to make positive changes to your lifestyle to help you handle stress.

If you would like to win this useful book, simply email with STRESS in the header.

New review for Family Friendly Working from Amazon

“Very useful little book which sets out the advantages and pitfalls of working from home. Information is clearly presented making it very easy to read and enjoyable too. Once you have come up with your game plan you would need to do further research into you chosen profession/method of working but the aim of the book is to introduce you to lots of different areas of possible work and to get you thinking. Gave me lots of ideas to follow up. Would highly recommend it. ”

See to find out more about the book, and get lots of ideas for family friendly ways to make money.

Find all about the media

If you want to promote your business, you need to know all about your target media. Magsite is a top site for keeping you updated on new publications and closures, and filling you in on the publishing industry. It is not a beautiful site, but you can’t beat the content. For more of the inside story, read what the media makers read at Press Gazette.