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Antonia Chitty is an independent health writer, with extensive experience in a wide range of subjects.

Antonia has written hard-hitting investigations. She has exposed why dental complaints go unheard, and contributed to a “supercomplaint” to the Office of Fair Trading, into the private dental industry. Other investigations have examined private GP clinics, and the regulation of complementary therapists.

Antonia has a keen interest in health risks. Previous articles in this area include a five page feature for Which? on the latest research on mobile phones and health, an article on children’s vaccines, and a ‘readers questions’ page on food and health scares.

Antonia can bring together accurate medical information and human interest, on subjects from cancer screening to post natal depression. She has written evidence based information for patients and professionals for clients including the NCT and Breast Cancer Care.

Antonia has written on health for Which? Magazine for a number of years, and can write about consumer health issues including how to find the right health professional, your rights, what to do if you have a problem, and how to get a referral or second opinion.

Antonia trained as an optometrist and can write on subjects such as laser eye surgery and finding a good optician. She has written and edited eye health information for Seeability and the College of Optometrists.

Antonia has published articles in a wide range of areas including:

Anti aging creams
Fake tans
Hair loss remedies
Readers’ beauty questionsChildren’s health
Children’s vaccinations
Glue Ear

Complementary therapies
Readers’ questions
Regulation of therapists
Complementary therapies for common conditions

Complementary Therapies in Pregnancy

Countdown to fitness

Green living
Greening your family
Cloth nappies and sanpro
Cloth Pads and Mooncups
Tampon toxicity
Going Green

Complaining about dentists
Readers’ questions on tooth care
Guide to a good eye test
Guide to spectacle prescriptions
Hearing aidsHearing Problems
Readers’ questions on hearing aids
NHS walk in clinics
Walk in private GP clinics
Domiciliary eye examinations
Travel health

Health promotion
Stopping smoking

Health risks
Food and health scares
Mobile phones and your health

Mental health
Postnatal depression
Counselling over the internet

Over-the-counter remedies
Cold and flu remedies
Hayfever remedies
Cutting the cost of everyday medicines and health products

Health Policy Research

Antonia Chitty can carry out in depth research into issues surrounding health policy. She works for major UK organisations including the British Medical Association, NCT, Which?, the College of Optometrists, SeeAbility and Breast Cancer Care, researching topics such as quality in health care, doctors careers, screening and risk.

Work includes:

Complementary Therapies in Pregnancy (for the NCT)

Quality in HealthCare (for Which?)
NHS Targets (scoping paper for Which?)
Why doctors leave the profession (British Medical Association)
Alternatives to sole NHS employment for consultants (British Medical Association)
Your rights in the NHS (Which? Magazine)
Regulation of health professionals (Which? Magazine)
Handling patient complaints (Which? Magazine)

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  1. Jan Stannard

    Dear Ms Chitty,

    Anthony Seldon would be delighted if you would be his guest at an international conference this week on Mindfulness, taking place on Wednesday, 12 March at Loughborough University.

    Why does this story deserve high-profile coverage? Because all the signs of a clear and present crisis in young people’s mental health are there, from anxiety about body image at one end to mental illness and suicide at the other. Government accepts that there is a crisis but continues to pressure young people about exams without taking meaningful action to address this critical issue.

    Action must be taken, and the introduction of mindfulness practices, such as daily stillness sessions, are free and effective. This seminal conference aims to enlighten and inform Principals, Heads and everyone involved in the leadership of schools. It seeks to expand on the problems faced and review the growing body of evidence which exemplifies the crisis. At the same time, world renowned speakers and practitioners will give their collective advice as to how the looming crisis can be averted.

    Anthony’s talk is called ‘Tranquillity in the age of twitter; sanity in the age of selfies’ and other speakers include Dr Colin Wilson, Consultant Psychiatrist, Professor Katherine Weare, Emeritus Professor, University of Southampton and Hon.Visiting Professor, Exeter University and Christopher Cullen, Teacher at The Mindfulness Centre, University of Oxford and Co-founder of Mindfulness in Schools.

    Please let me know if you plan to come and you will be put on the list for a media pass.

    07710 171704


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