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Five Basics of Successful Marketing 5

targetDifferent marketing techniques work for different businesses but a number of basic principles hold true for all businesses. Now read the final in the 5 principles that will help you market successfully.

5. There are hundreds of ways to market and more than one will be right for your business

If you feel that marketing hasn?t worked for you in the past, you just haven?t found the right way to reach your particular customer group. Keep trying out new marketing ideas. Ideally, test a new idea on a group of at least 100 potential customers. Or, try one promotional angle on half your contacts and a different angle on the other half. Make sure you have a way to find out how many of them get in touch with you and how many actually buy, by offering a promotional code for example.

Once you’ve found techniques that work for your business try and make tiny adjustments in an effort to improve on your success rate. For example if you put up a sales page you may expect to convert 1-3% of prospects into buyers. Tiny changes to that sales page may make a 1% difference, which doesn’t sound a lot until you consider that’s an increase of 1% over the lifetime of that product. Small gains like this can make big differences to your bottom line.


Five Basics of Successful Marketing 4

writing ticklistDifferent marketing techniques work for different businesses but a number of basic principles hold true for all businesses. Now read the 4th key principle that will allow you to market your business successfully.

4. Sales letters/emails really do work

If you have been deterred by lengthy pages of text and thought you?d never use them for your business, think again. They aren?t right for every occasion, but used selectively can get better results than you?d think.

The aim of these long form sales pages is to help the buyer overcome a number of psychological barriers. The more expensive and complex the product the more barriers there are to overcome, hence the long sales page. It can take up quite a bit of space trying to demonstrate the benefits of your product!


Five Basics of Successful Marketing 3

iStock_000016220503MediumDifferent marketing techniques work for different businesses but a number of basic principles hold true for all businesses. Read on to find the third key principle that you need to understand to market your business successfully.

3. It’s a lot about persistence

Did you know people need up to seven opportunities to view your message before taking action? You won?t get much of a response the first time you carry out most marketing activities. Sorry, to be the bearer of bad news but it’s important to be realistic and not give up on your marketing efforts at the first sign of adversity.

If the people you are contacting have not come across your business before you are likely to need to contact them several times before getting results. Later on in the course we’ll cover the AIDA model which stands for ‘Awareness’, ‘Interest’, ‘Desire’ and ‘Action’. As consumers we don’t just buy everything we see, there are a number of psychological barriers which must be overcome before a purchase takes place. From a seller’s point of view it’s our job to help the buyer overcome these psychological barriers and this can be done via marketing.

Tip! Allow time and money for repeat marketing activities to make the most of your initial investment.

To find out more about successfully marketing your business have a look at Marketing: The Essential Guide

Online Marketing: PR Online

There are an enormous range of activities you can carry out to promote your business online. On one level, you might take online PR simply to be sending a press release to websites which reach your target audience. If doing this, you may need to customize the content of the release to match the style of the site you are targeting. You also need to remember that while magazines work months in advance a website can publish content straight away.

However this is looking at a very limited interpretation of online PR. You can raise your business profile online through the use of social media. You might choose to:

  • Participate in forums focused on your target audience
  • Communicate via blogs using a system such as WordPress, Typepad or Blogger
  • Communicate via micro-blogs: Twitter is the main player, but there is also Plurk, Pownce and Jaiku
  • Communicate via social networks including. Bebo, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace etc.
  • Communicate via social network aggregates like FriendFeed
  • Communicate via online event networks including Upcoming.com, Meetup.com

You could also upload videos about your business to YouTube or Vimeo, make images available through Flickr, take part in social bookmarking or tagging of articles about your business through Delicious, StumbleUpon or Google Reader. I’m sure you can think of more ways to use the power of the internet to promote your business too.